Mohsin Khan

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Mohsin's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Mohsin

I am a founder for a eCommerce start up called Canary. I fall on the tech side of things, but I do not code. I know some basic java, but that is about all. I do a good amount with product and business development, as well as business strategy. I am looking for a stud lead programmer to join our core team of 3 as we move forward.

We were selected to be in the PayPal Start Tank, which is a free coworking space. It is in the financial district and we work in the same area as the Boston PayPal team. It is a really nice space.

Our concept has been proven, as we already have $100k+ in sales and another $20k+ in donations to charity (we give 12% of every sale to a local charity). Our user base is growing fast, so we need to perfect our product (site) sooner than later.

We have laid out what we want our site to look like and all the automated features that go along with it. We don't want to use wordpress, but were thinking more of a Python Django or Ruby on Rails. We are open to other languages though.


University of Wisconsin - Madison

Mechanical Engineering

2014 - 2014

Co-working Space

PayPal Start Tank

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