Mohammed A. Petiwala

Karachi, Pakistan

Full Stack Developer , looking for non tech co-founder
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Business Development
Product Management
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About Mohammed


I am a full stack web application developer having expertise in web technologies, Javascript, React, Redux, NodeJS, MongoDB, HTML, css etc.

I am currently looking for the next startup idea/ web application to work on.

Any decent effort in this regard can take 2 months to launch and up to 3 years to iterate and perfect.

I can code it but am looking to team up with somebody who:

1. Has solid experience in his own field (any non tech industries such as Logistics, FMCG, Supply Chain, Construction, HR, Chemical, Medical, Textile etc.)

2. Has a 10x startup/web application idea that can help solve your own problem AND has potential to create massive value in your industry

3. Can take combined ownership for the success of the product

Anything that people may be doing repeatedly, that should be automated in your work flow, that can allow you to study your data and develop greater insight into major opportunities in your business…

My last project was to create automated specifications and quote generator for complex projects for Steel Pallet Rack manufacturers, I am currently working on a couple of other small projects.

If you can think of something that solves your own problem and has the potential to create massive value in your industry, if you have what it takes to see it to completion, let’s talk.

Think about it!


Its a marathon, not a sprint - Jack Welch

Work Experience

Full Stack Developer and BDM


February 2014 - Today

Full Stack Javascript Developer, React, Redux, Meteor, NodeJS, MongoDB , Mocha test Frramework , Current: Building Web Apps/Web based Automated Quote Generators for High Value, Complex Projects, to generate speedy/on demand Financial and Tech quotes e.g. Automated quotes for Metal Pallet Racks Warehousing Projects, Metal Doors with Fire Rated Spec for Infrastructure projects/clients -- Passion, Acumen, Infectious energy and harnessing ICT


NAtional University of Singapore

Masters of Engineering

2011 - 2012