Mike Winer

Portland, Oregon, US

Mike's Skills
Product Management

About Mike

I am looking for a co-founder skilled in creating apps and databases, and in challenging my assumptions. I have worked with a wide variety of organizations for over 20 years, wrote a book on building collaborations and developed what I am told are very useful tools. Now it's time to turn the tools and others into apps that produce more than data — they produce on-demand information.

To create a vibrant, agile, transparent and cost effective organization by honoring the highest level of personal power and pride of individuals, groups and outside contributors to increase its impact and revenue while becoming known for its innovative approaches. The performance tools/apps, database with on-demand information, and a new form of leadership accountability produce a system that is scalable for all types of organizations, collaborations/partnerships and community constituencies. It is also scalable in diverse regions and countries through translation of language and culture.

For any organization anywhere, to increase revenue and cost-effective results in the least time for the greatest ROI in both mission and market.

1. Well structured unique performance-based tools/apps that both teach users what to do in inviting ways and collect data on what is being accomplished.
2. A database that gathers the tool-centered records and returns on-demand information on what was done, achieved and learned for the immediate ability to enhance accomplishments or modify tactics and strategies.
3. Leadership accountability for overall resources, revenue, results, recognition and revelry.

• Analysis of what tools/apps are needed depending on initial baseline data for the product, service or initiative, the culture of the organization and its employees,
and how the tools/apps need to be modified and/or created to achieve the desired results.
• Tools that educate users on what needs to be done, guide performance yet permit agility
while capturing data in ways that are fun, rewarding and regularly reinforce the desire to achieve specified outcomes and results.
• A database for the organization that captures records from the tools and translates them into on-demand practical information at each and every step.
• On-demand information that is more than the sum of the data and is continually available to the organization on progress from the initial needs/assets assessment to the desired measurable outcomes, resources utilized for work performed, measurable outcomes achieved with lessons learned, and cost/benefit analyses at any point all of which reinforce what is being done or immediately lead to needed changes.
• Leadership support that promotes freedom and creativity yet assures measurable outcomes at each stage that capture lessons learned and changes needed while celebrating the accomplishments and dedication of everyone involved.

It’s a lot easier for an organization to adopt new words than it is to actually change anything. Real change is uncomfortable. If it’s not feeling that way, you’ve probably just adopted new words.
—Seth Godin