Mike Shields

Vancouver, Canada

Founder at Startup
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Business Development
Product Management

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I don't have the proverbial pre-teen "Lemon-Aid Stand" story to relate but I was entrepreneurial enough during (Business Admin) Undergrad to afford to backpack around the world for three years afterward. I then (naively) ran for election to Canada's Parliament which prompted a "more prestigious" Masters Degree (although a simultaneous motivation was pitching public English Bookmaker HQ's on something called the Internet -- gambling then being taboo for investors in North America).

After a couple years in Venture Capital I founded www.onlineoffice.com as a "facebook for business" (8 years pre-fb) but was more successful raising seed capital (and selling vaporware) than hiring/managing tech staff. Subsequent attempts to develop the site (2003 with PriceWaterhouseCoopers London; 2006 with a local development firm; 2009 via oDesk) didn't produce even a beta launch for various reasons.

Since then in addition to business consulting, teaching at a local University and writing a bi-weekly newspaper column I've independently learned enough programming for mockup to database schema to site architecture stages but am more passionate about building businesses than becoming a full stack developer. Plus I am more inclined to business model, finance and sales than to User Experience, coding or project management.

I'm seeking skilled Programmers and/or "Matchmakers" with whom to debate potential businesses (mine as well as yours) and hopefully move toward "startup".

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March 2015 - December 2016