Michelle Yagelski

Denver, Colorado, US

Michelle's Skills
Business Strategy
Building Strong Relationships
Business Networking
Business Development
Product Management

About Michelle

My company MyBit, is bringing intelligent automated solutions to solve the mutually dependent needs of all users within the property and casualty insurance claims industry. Building automations to streamline the claims operations to provide faster response times, more reliable/accurate claims, and better customer service for the insured during times of crisis.

I am currently looking for a developer, technical partner/CTO skilled in workflow automation and frontend user experience. Also, looking for business partners (CFO) to round out the leadership team.

I have over 12 years of solution sales and business development experience. I started a business while I was in college and grew it to a state-wide company. I feel I have that 'fire in my belly' to do great things beyond working for someone else. I work great alone but believe I work better in a team. I am always willing to do what is needed and take on more than the role was intended for to reach the goals of the company.

I am passionate, curious as hell, love to learn, honest, make good things great (maximizer), thrill seeker, authentic, problem solver, always helping and connecting people, always improving.