Melinda Wittstock


Washington, District of Columbia, US

Entrepreneur, tech+social data innovator, Verifeed CEO, Maverick 1000, award-winning content creator, marketer.
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Business Development
Product Management

About Melinda

My grandmother was the first to call me "disruptive" at age 5, when I went door-to-door with my black lab to get neighbors to pre-pay for my "show". Earned $100! I'm an entrepreneur in my bones. Verifeed is my third company, not counting my childhood, teenage and college endeavors. I love to work with super-smart, innovative, "yes...if" people who want to build great products to solve real customer needs and have fun along the way.
I'm also a "recovering journalist" - I joined the Times of London at age 22 as a financial correspondent, where I reveled in being "first, right and predictive". I realize all these years later I'm replicating with algorithms and unique processes what I did with "shoe leather" and asking the right questions to move markets. I understood the value of the right information in the right hands at the right time.
Previously I built and ran the innovative Capitol News Connection, which served 200+ radio, TV stations and digital media with localized and personalized news from Congress. In 2007 I created, built and grew to 3 million users the interactive app AskYourLawmaker, enabling anyone to ask any question of their elected representatives, vote the best questions up the rankings. Our correspondents got the questions answered for people to listen to, comment on and share. I went from there to found NewsiT, an innovative crowd-sourcing and collaboration iPhone app that Marissa Mayer called "the future of news". It was ahead of its time, however, and I pivoted its underlying technology for filtering user-generated content for relevance and reliability to found Verifeed as the social intelligence analytics platform with a B2B recurring revenue model.
Other stuff about me: I live in DC, with my two great kids and golden retriever. I do yoga every day, and try to meditate also. I'm part of two great entrepreneurial groups, HerCorner and Netcito. I also do a lot of coaching and advising on lean startup, growth-hacking, social media / content marketing and fundraising. I speak at events and conferences quite often. In my spare time (ha!) I like to read, dine out with friends, travel, sail, ski and just have a great time with the kids and dog.

Work Experience

CEO & Founder


June 2013 - December 2016