Matty Sallin

San Francisco, California, US

System Financial, Inc.
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Product Management

About Matty

I started off doing UX, programming and design at a gigantic internet consultancy in SF called marchFIRST. They formed a joint venture with Japanese advertising giant Dentsu to form DentsuMarchFirst in Tokyo, and asked me to join as Sr. Design Technologist. After a few years of that, I decided to get my Masters in UX at the Interaction Design Institute of Ivrea (Italy), but I left after one year to go to the school it was modeled after, NYU's Interaction Telecommunications Program, which I adored. My master's thesis was a social network for your family called Kinfo, and, in a cinderella moment, I attracted VC attention and got seed funding. I moved to San Francisco to start my company and the day I hired my first programmer, came out, which was...the *exact* same thing I had designed (mine was more elegant, but they got the head start). So we struggled to be a "fast follower" for a while before we called it quits. I eventually took a job at Intuit (great company btw) where I became an "Innovation Catalyst", helping teams devise innovative solutions to tough problems. Next I joined the Design & Innovation Group at media giant Gannett, where I'm currently the Director of Design & Innovation.

Work Experience


System Financial, Inc.

October 2013 - December 2016