Matt Monday

Kings County, New York, US

Partner at STRV
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Business Development
Product Management

About Matt

Broad range of interests and experiences my entire life, especially while in college. Graduated in Finance but took a diverse set of classes.

First job out of school was as a revenue analyst for the iTunes marketing team.

Spent a year doing great reports and building relationships and then transferred to the App Store editorial team. Was the third person hired onto this team, where I was ultimately responsible for the selection of all Games worldwide and all Apps in US (North America) for iPhone and iPad.

Had a horrible experience donating to a nonprofit and after a lot of research realized this would be a great industry for me to utilize my skills and find a better fit for my passion.

It's clear that my passion is to solve problems and there are many many many problems to be solved in the nonprofit industry, but none as big as the overall inefficiency of the industry as a whole.

And that's what Karma Store fixes. It makes finding and supporting a nonprofit fun and easy. We are succeeding where others have failed because we are committed to our partners, they're not just a source of revenue for us.

That was 2010.

Now in 2016 I'm quite happy at ESPN, gathering immeasurable experience working on industry leading digital products. Still have a strong passion for using my skills to help others, and have a few ideas that I'm exploring - but at this stage would love to hear from you with your ideas!

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August 2016 - December 2016