Mateo Pérez Salazar

Bogotá, Colombia

Passion for innovate
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About Mateo

Hello guys, I am a self-learner with a big passion for tech, I dream with do amazing companies and help people. I am here to help if someone need an advice or we can learn together. Feel free to message me.


Somwhere inside of all of us is the power to change the world - Roald Dahl

Work Experience

Co founder CTO

De La Calle app

May 2015 - January 2017



November 2016 - June 2017

Cofounder CTO


October 2017 - February 2019


MVP Maker

March 2020 - Today

MVP Maker, we are your IT team , non-technical entrepreneurs has a big problem , they need a IT team to build their tech startups, often they don't know how to find developers or how to build a team, this lack of experience is a big problem because spend a lot of time learning how to build those teams or looking for a technical founder. Instead they should be focusing in their business. MVP Maker born to fix this problem, we find and we manage your IT team for a fixed price. So before talk with us, you know already what is the price for the team. You pay for a team as a service. So you can focus in your business.