Marc Clifton

Albany, New York, US

Innovator in software architecture & applications
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Software architect, author, and creator of several open source projects (Higher Order Programming, FlowSharp and FlowSharpCode) I am passionate about software design, distributed semantic computing, Web Ontology Language, and process improvement.


"In fact, I would assert that you do write about psychology and write clearly with a keen critical intellect that questions sacred cows whenever possible to see what kind of grass they have been chewing. And, I perceive you as a trail-blazer, an explorer of the untried, who is an artist with code in very creative ways." - Bill Woodruff

Work Experience

Senior Architect

Mobile Money

February 2014 - November 2016

Designed and implemented 3-in-1 casino ATM and cage applications for processing cash withdrawal, POS debit, and CCCA purchases. Implemented complex check cashing workflows in Javascript/Backbone for web app hosted by CefSharp. Implemented models, back-end REST support and unit tests in Python on Django framework. Interfaced with a variety of hardware and SDK’s, including GenMega, Ingenico, Verifone, MagTek, Star Micronics, ScanShell, and Eseek for credit card and MICR reader, pinpad, indicator lights, cash dispenser and thermal printers. Designed and implemented a cashless kiosk turnkey system for cashless purchases at fairs, interfacing with barcode scanner, card reader, and receipt printer. Implemented back-end kiosk configuration and management in ASP.NET. Implemented client REST calls and server-side web services.


Black Mother’s Breastfeeding Association

February 2013 - February 2014

Designed and implemented a “breastfeeding club” website, allowing BMBFA to track breastfeeding statistics for new mothers and determine how outreach programs affect breastfeeding duration rates. Configured and managed Amazon EC2 server.


Space Systems / Loral

January 1997 - January 2013

Architected and implemented a declarative, 3-tier application development environment (ADE) consisting of service-oriented middle and front-end tiers. Implemented schema, report, and form designers. Deployed ADE to support satellite designs. Trained staff on tool usage and in C#/.NET programming. Solved a complex network topology problem analyzing satellite end-of-life failure modes of on-orbit switch rings. Provided engineers with visualization tools in both custom client UI presentations and Visio. Implemented thread-based algorithm to maximize CPU utilization during analysis. Designed and developed a proprietary Internet over satellite simulator. Simulated Consumer Premise Equipment, virtual satellite link, virtual gateway using COM. Modeled TCP split protocol, rain fade compensation, and QoS scenarios. Implemented user interfaces allowing engineers to simulate various conditions and visualize performance. Working with Advanced Systems department, designed and developed the DBMS (Oracle) and client software for automating satellite designs from frequency plans and uplink/downlink requirements. Developed algorithms to analyze power requirements, mass calculations, orbital lifetime and launch vehicle selection.


Video Simplex

January 2004 - January 2017

Designed and developed Python controller application on Beaglebone running Debian, utilizing RabbitMQ message server for display, card reader, and indicator lights. Implemented Windows server-side management of Beaglebone modules. Developed a performer monitor web application supporting desktop, tablet, and smartphone browsers, leveraging SignalR for real-time data updates to the client browser, AJAX for management configuration, and Bootstrap for supporting desktop and tablet devices. Developed a TIVO-like video distribution system. Utilized Cygwin, Avisynth, DirectShow.NET and VMR9 to implement MPEG2 movie encoding and distribution. Implemented a USB interface for bill acceptor and touch panel hardware. Designed and developed the back-office server and administration forms/reports to track system performance, income, and configure schedules and rate structures. 2004: Developed a 2-tier management system, proprietary TCP/IP protocol to interface to bill acceptors, alarm modules, and check in/out modules, iButton interface and ,module management UI’s.


Most Valuable Professional, 2005 - 2017

Code Project

Most Valuable Professional, C#, 2004 - 2007