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Saint Louis, Missouri, US

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About Lydia

I am a writer, arts/music appreciator, and creative resource platform co-founder. The NOMADartx service mission is to facilitate stronger collaboration among working creatives of all genre and skill levels, all across the globe.

I also collaborate with a wonderful development company, Jykra Solutions, to help young companies with web-development needs get up and running, inexpensively!

I'd love to hear from you to discuss your needs in tech (if you'd like to work with Jykra), or your interest in helping working artists through Nomadartx!


In helping others, we shall help ourselves. - Flora Edwards

Work Experience


NOMAD Art Exchange (NOMADartx)

June 2013 - Today

NOMAD Art Exchange ( is a peer-to-peer arts networking platform allowing users to search each other by artistic discipline or location for conversation and promotion; job, event, and space sharing; as well as for artwork sales or trade. We also provide arts patrons, businesses and nonprofit organizations an interface through which to find and offer creative services, products, events, and community dialogue. My co-founding partners and I seek to expand our co-founding team to include capital fundraisers, SEO marketing experts, and market researchers. Please reach out with any questions, ideas, or partnership proposals!


Northern Arizona University

MA-English & Writing

2009 - 2011

Washington University

MA-Nonfiction Writing

2017 - 2019


ITEN Saint Louis


Saint Louis University Start I, Fall Cohort


Co-working Space

Paragraph NY

2016 - 2016