Lydia Paar

Saint Louis, Missouri, US

Art can change the world-but artists need to eat too!
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About Lydia

I am a collaborative creator working across multiple fields, including, now, business! My formal training is in writing, and for the last seven years I've taught at the college level in composition, creative, and promotional subfields. I love big ideas and step-by-step problem solving.


In helping others, we shall help ourselves. - Flora Edwards

Work Experience


NOMAD International

June 2013 - Today

NOMAD (Network of Mutual Artistic Development) is the project I seek co-founders for. NOMAD is a peer-to-peer arts networking platform allowing users to search each other by artistic discipline or location for information, job, event, and spacesharing, as well as for work and service sales or trade. We also provide non-artists interested in the arts an interface to find creative services, products, events, and community dialogue relevant to creative topics of their interest. Currently, my cofounder Lindsay and I are responsible for all operations including: legal filings, website development in coordination with our developer, strategic business direction planning, media setup and promotions to expand target users. We would love to connect with a co-founder interested in giving legal/tax advise in return for partial equity for our upcoming re-incorporation, as we undertake to learn more about re-incorporation, offering stock and creating sound investor agreements.


Northern Arizona University

MA-English & Writing

2009 - 2011

Washington University

MA-Nonfiction Writing

2017 - 2019

Co-working Space

Paragraph NY

2016 - Today