Lowell Kaufman

New York, New York, US

Product devlopment and software engineer
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Throughout my career there is a common theme I focus on - whether it was during the 10+ years working for startup and small companies, my more recent years at a Fortune 500 financial institution or even my years owning and running a music café in Joshua Tree, California. I focus on building community to transform culture which leads to commercial results and innovation.

Finally – my startup work involved building many innovative products – but I also created technical teams that worked together in a productive way. The products themselves often involved creating community – whether it was a multimedia web mail solution (an early social media concept) or building entertainment products for consumers to engage in online card trading (creating one of the first online interactive games and was also an early idea around what would now be considered social media).


The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man. - GB Shaw

Work Experience

Founder and CEO

Well Informed Pet

April 2016 - Today

“Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That's the problem." ― A.A. Milne People are treating their pets as family more and more, but the pet has no voice in expressing how they are doing. WIP solves this problem by providing a holistic view of the pets life story - health, finance, and social life. The service allows the pet owner to take better care of their loved one and allows all the pet's caretakers to share this information together so everyone involved with the pet shares the joy and enables the best possible care for the important member of the family - who now has a voice and can be heard! Well Informed Pet: - Aggregates information from many source of your pet: wearable activity monitoring, diet, health information from a vet, every day activities, etc. We are the universal remote for pet ownership. - lets you share the activities with all your pet's caretakers and family. - Lets you know what events are taking place pet related - who is at the dog park? What specials are happening at your pet store? What friends of your pets are going for a walk right now? - Alerts you of important health and day to day information when you aren't with your pet. Dog at day care? You'll know what's happening! Needed to use a different vet when you and your pet weren't home? All the vet info will be stored in one place. Etc.

Vice President: Sr Product Manager and Software Development Manager


October 2003 - April 2016

Led multiple development projects and product strategy efforts. • Defined and led product management strategy to transform engineering roles to include product management best practices including financial oversight, product adoption, business value proposition ownership, etc. This was a transformational effort across technology divisions. • Created and managed a new development team within the IT organization chartered to innovate new business processes and applications for financial risk and transparency. Led product development and software delivery efforts. • Requested to provide a system showing better transparency across business processes, led building of system which visualizes critical delays / risks to the business. Mentioned as the CIO’s favorite application in the firm. • Defined and rolled out the first formal global change management process for all technology.

VP, Engineering

Truis, Inc.

July 2001 - June 2002

Led software development of enterprise web and software systems for a customer intelligence CRM application. • Defined and implemented all software development processes and integrated with product management requirements. • Managed a team of 10 engineers including quality assurance and customer support engineers.


Beatnik Cafe

October 1999 - April 2002

Music café in Joshua Tree, CA • Hired and managed a staff of 15 employees. • Responsible for creating an artistic center within Joshua Tree and helped promote music and the arts for the local community.

CTO (of Mightmail Networks)

NBCi (a merger of Xoom.com and Snap.com)

February 1996 - March 2000

Director of Engineering, Unified Messaging and Communities Division: Managed, scaled, and extended product feature set of email, club, and chat products • Scaled Branded Web-Based email product from handling thousands to handle millions of users for hardware and software platform. • Managed a team of 20 engineers and product managers across two divisions, and products bringing in millions in revenue Chief Technology Officer (of MightyMail Networks): Managed, architected, defined, designed, and delivered the development of a rich e-mail services platform as well as a number of online and cd-rom consumer products. • First employee of company that was acquired by Xoom.com for $25 Million in May, 1999. • Technology Director for consumer and small business web mail site. • Defined, architected and managed development of unique web-based email product - focusing on branding capabilities, 1-1 viral marketing of branded email, and the ability for end users to enhance email in complex ways using simple tools. • Project Lead and architect for large e-commerce music-based consumer site. Led team of 10 for $5 million project.


University of Florida

MS, Computer Science

1987 - 1989

Columbia University

BS, Computer Science

1983 - 1987