Louis Alley

San Francisco, California, US

Senior Software Engineer at Grokker, Inc.
Louis's Skills
Product Management

About Louis

Most recently, I've been a senior full stack web developer (nodejs + mongo). Broadly speaking, I can build a sophisticated, modern, scaleable "webapp" from scratch. In college (2003-2007), I focused on electrodynamics and quantum mechanics. After, I started from scratch in software. After a couple years of learning (automated testing and building a framework to test 1000+ p2p clients), I set up the infrastructure (Amazon AWS, Apache, SVN, sys admin etc.) and UI of Tango, a fairly successful app. I couldn't get into development there, so I quit and took a job at a web startup. Since then, I've learned iOS development, Django, social (facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc.) and payment (braintree) APIs, Sphinx, etc. I see a problem and I kill it.

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer


October 2012 - December 2016