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I am enthusiastic about the hospitality industry, numbers, statistics and customer satisfaction, my friends say that what sets me apart is my ability to see improvement where others simply pass by. I have a finance background and currently perfectioning (or so I think) my sales skills. I dropped out of my former job as a hotel GM because the idea of Woutel.com stroke me like lightning. Before dropping out I figured that even if I had a 1% chance of success it made a lot of sense to start, I mean: profits may be huge.
Woutel is a reverse marketing tool where guest state their lodging preferences filling up our data base, hotels access this data base to send private and personalized offers to guest, lowering public rates among other new possibilities. What makes Woutel unique is that we gather commercial information that no one else has in this vast market, collecting our users’ emails in the process.
I´ve been running this practically solo for over a year (I´m by my one now), the page was public on March, we received our first booking in April and currently have around 800 visits weekly.
Now I need someone with great marketing skills and/or a developer with designing abilities self-orientated in their work. Developers must also think sales-wise. I look for 100% dedication, of course the first couple of weeks you could work at a lower pace while we get a hang of each other and the project, I´m putting over 50h and I expect nothing less from my cofounder.
Cofunder must be fluent in French and German, and we could speak in English or Spanish.
We will be doing something unique in one of the biggest Industries on the Internet. Risks are huge but so can be the profits. Are you willing to start? Just drop me some lines and we´ll schedule a cam chat


CEU San Pablo

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2007 - 2007