Larry Mai

New York, New York, US

Larry's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Larry

I built a prototype built and 5-6 active users. I need help with marketing the product and generating revenue.
The app is a Google Analytics dashboard sent to your inbox every morning. The target users are those who have websites but aren't very technical and knowledgeable about analytics - think bloggers, small businesses, executive/business people. Google Analytics is an awesome product, but very difficult to get set up well, and intimidating for new and untechnical users. The service is meant to solve that problem.

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I'm looking for someone to help generate leads via content marketing (blogging, social media, growth hacking maybe??)
The ideal person should be interesting in digital marketing.

My background is in software development, venture capital, and product management. I was a software developer/product manager for 7+ years in media, ecommerce, and financial services. I then spent 5 years in venture capital focused on early stage investments in the digital media space. I'm currently at American Express working on digital initiatives for the enterprise.