Kris Young

Portland, Oregon, US

Optop-Mechanical Engineer at Advanced Energy
Kris's Skills
Business Development

About Kris

I fill a valuable niche in the start-up world; that of a person who has been, and still is on both sides.

As a consultant I have worked with inventors trying to get a concept developed, small businesses trying to get a product launched, and established companies trying to bring a new product to market. I understand both the risks and rewards of being a project based consultant. I also have a good deal of experience in all the ways companies can compensate a consultant that aren't dollars for hours.

As a founder a have been successfully running a one man consulting firm for over a decade. At the moment I am also the co-founder of a space in Boulder, CO that is bridging the gap between co-working, business acceleration, and prototype fabrication. I am also the Director of Science at aerial sensor company. Prior to this I served as the CTO an electric vehicle company, COO of an alternative energy company.

The list is getting longer, and I don't have any wildly successful exits yet, but there are a lot of other people on this site that have that experience to share. What I bring a a very broad experience with start-ups at all stages of the beginning and middle. (specifically start-ups that are making physical things). Also the ability to see things from both sides of the table, because I never made the switch from one side to the other... My passion is the human experience of business, and in that regard I think I have a lot to offer.

Work Experience

Optical Engineer III

Advanced Energy

December 2014 - December 2016