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Read "The Man Who Broke Ticketmaster" by Vice Motherboard. Thanks.
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I have two Bailiwicks in life:

Ticket Inventory Profit Maximization.
Maximizing Fan Loyalty.

You may have heard of me. If not, the below article was exclusive; I gave it to Vice Magazine. The most informative of all my media:

The Man Who Broke Ticketmaster by Vice Mag

There are many articles I did as I positively disrupted the Scalping game. Fans are winning. Here the Google lookup on me:

Ken Lowson

I am the best known for being the inventor of Ticket Bots, then prosecuted by the DOJ for buying too many tickets.

It ended with a plea bargain to avoid bankruptcy. Then I became the reason Obama made the Federal Bots law. While Wiseguy Tickets was one of the first Bots, I doubt it was the very first. Think of what I did as Ford and Cars. I industrialized ticket reselling.

Fast forward five years, and my new company TixFAN is the first ticket broker to pay fans for doing work usually performed by professional brokers or scalpers. It took total elimination of Ticket Bots so that Fans had a chance.

For us, Fan education is critical. That providing the tricks of the trade and the intel that brokers receive to Fans free of charge is our first big launch. And the Freemium of a system that delivers intel to TixFAN Members and TixFAN Agents alike for a monthly fee.

We currently have income streams with three more that are exploitable with the right talent and leader. Hence the Co-Founder search.

Intrigued? If so, please continue reading as only certain people love the Live Events game. My operation consists of seasoned pros and new people. However, all love what they do, and it will stay that way.

TixFAN's: Verified Fan Ticket Pulling program is currently the only program that pays Fans instead of Scalpers for sourcing tickets.

We own two companies.

TixFAN = The Fan facing company that has one primary objective: The highest amount of Face Value tickets distributed to Verified Fans.

PreSOLDOUT = The Rights Owner facing company ran by my partner David Cooper. You may remember him. He fought the battle for Pearl Jam to congress.

I will conclude with the best fact of the ticket business. Why it is so attractive for the following reasons:

We earn as we learn. Almost everything that we do creates income and becomes profitable as we build it.

We have virtually unlimited capital and can purchase tens of millions in tickets within days.

We are hoping to hear from some winners who are down for an 8 figure+ annual play. Entrepreneurial experience is required.

Leadership and the ability to execute deliverables that allow profitable actions is what we need.

He is the google link for my name, and the hundreds of interviews make it apparent that I am the worldwide go-to for the Press and the authority on how to stop Bots.

Ken Lowson
2135769245 (text for best results).


There are no Cookie Cutter Solutions in a Snowflake Environment. - Ken Lowson 2016

Work Experience


Wiseguy Tickets

January 1997 - February 2009

It's best if you look up Wiseguy Tickets in Google to get the full array of opinions. Wiseguy Tickets was the largest customer of Ticketmaster, worked directly with them under their President, and in the end, became their scapegoat. I am worldwide known as the authority on tickets and have more press than I can handle. The bottom line is that I am perfectly positioned to disrupt Ticketing for the advantage of Stakeholders only positively. A pincer move. Where we take the two endpoints of a ticket lifecycle, providing profits and services to the only actual Stakeholders. The Rights Owner and the Fan. TixFAN - Playing Field Leveled: A company that takes money from illegitimate Scalpers and redistributes to genuine Verified Fans as per Primary seller rules is the future of ticket reselling. We are the most legit ticket operation in existence.


Scalper U: A joke I started my first business at 13 and have 4 out 5 winning startups record.


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I wish I knew what this was.


Co-working Space

We have in house 10% and 90% contractors.

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