Keiran Betteley

London, United Kingdom

Keiran's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Keiran

Am generally a useful guy to have in the room when the brown stuff hits the fan, or you need a 'Eureka' moment. Can work out most things :)

Am currently working on a few web apps and exploring a recruitment idea. Am a bit of a generalist, I know my way around a balance sheet, and can code, sell, build products..etc. Would love to find a complementary mind or an idea that makes me drop everything to chase it down...

Have headed strategy at a firm that went to IPO and taken startups and tech products through to launch as CFO and, separately, as product manager.
Moved to Bulgaria to help build a company from nothing to launching the product across a chain of 300 businesses across Europe, before coming back to the UK.
Have been treading water freelancing (though saving £millions for the good honest british taxpayer and launching 7 different products since then) for a year, whilst getting married.
Now looking for a new challenge or compatriot to conquer the world with.

I like to think out loud, play devil's advocate, explore ideas and get things done.
I'm a great believer that a sale in the hand is better than a multi-billion IPO in the (mythical) bush.
Like to be able to hammer out a strategy over a beer, a bottle of vino and a gasper.
Really looking for someone who has the ability to impress, is confident enough to keep coming back for more when the inevitable kick in the nuts happens.

The easiest way to see if something can be done is to do it...


London Business School


2009 - 2009

Kings college, London


2002 - 2002