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I will try to keep this answer simple. These are the reasons why I would join someone like me, on my idea:

1. Giving up is not an option – I may not have the most revolutionary idea, or even a product to show right now, but I know I can keep going to people, getting their feedback, and using that to develop a product that people want. I am not the kind of person who will try something for 6 months, and if I don’t see great results, I will go back to a job. One of the reasons for that is that I really CAN’T go back to a job. One of my negatives is also one of my positives, when it comes to the person joining me. I HAVE to do SOMETHING of my own, and I will keep trying and keep evolving. I won’t leave them one year into the startup, and say I’ve found a great job.

2. I have the resources to bootstrap – A lot of startup ideas die because of lack of resources. People look for funding and are unable to get it. I feel I have the resources to at least develop a product and run it for 2 years, without relying on external funding. And I am willing to deploy them into a business that makes sense.

3. I have taken over a sinking business and turned it around – I did business in Gorakhpur. When I took over, there were bats in our complex – people used to think it was haunted. It was a difficult environment to operate in, but I adjusted myself to the environment, and to the business there. When I exited the place, we were at 100% occupancy and with the maximum number of footfalls in Eastern UP. With all modesty, I think I know what it takes to run a business.

4. I have a mix of tech and business – I understand tech. My background is in Computer Science. I have coded myself. I have developed websites, worked on databases. And I understand business too. I would say in today’s environment, I understand business more than tech, because tech has evolved greatly in the last few years, and my 2003 degree of Computer Science might be considered ancient. But I feel I can contribute in both roles.

5. I believe in ethics & fairness – This is probably very hard to prove or quantify. You only know this when you know a person. But ethics and fairness are two of my guiding principles in life, and something that someone working with me should know about me. I am not willing to take people for a ride, and would not want to work with someone who would either. We are going to have differences there. I believe strongly in fairness and I would want it to be implemented where I work.


University of Wisconsin - Madison

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2003 - 2003

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