Karan Gupta

San Francisco, California, US

Co-Founder and CEO at Mammoth
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Business Development
Product Management
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Product Management

About Karan

Details at: http://karanmg.com

Sr Tech Lead at Sony PlayStation (Sony Computer Entertainment):
I visit studios, understand their business processes and pain points. I then envision a product that will make them more efficient, gather a team of engineers, and get it built and delivered. I develop and manage a suite of enterprise-grade products to facilitate collaboration within the company’s many game studios and departments, world-wide.

FastTrak, NY EZPass, Washington GTG, Dubai Salik and more - all complex toll tracking systems are running workforce and technology management software that I led development of.

Resolution Systems:
2nd employee, Hardware Engineer, Software Engineer, Sys Admin. Wrote patentable completely software I2C lib in C handling 100% of the hardware protocol. Create multi-mote networked swarm in TinyOS. Wrote web and desktop applications in the Java stack.

My Projects:
Guide to all local Indian businesses and events across the US. I wrote this to learn Ruby and Rails. I wrote scraping algorithms to gather all the data from several sources. I’m also making serious use of memcache so nearly 100% of the data is in memory. It uses custom Bootstrap, integrates effectively with Yelp, makes good use of Maps and Geocoding. I right now have two people helping make mobile apps (via WeekendHacker).

Heylos IM
Complete co-browsing IM. Used OpenFire with several custom extensions. Wrote a full-featured multi-platform client, complete with installer and auto-updater.

Wrote peer-leading algorithms for super-smart and super-fast robots, tried out on Lego Mindstorms. Master’s Thesis on Localization: coding robots that can be self-aware of their environment.

Work Experience

Co-Founder and CEO


January 2014 - December 2016