Justin Roff-Marsh

Los Angeles, California, US

Justin's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Justin

I have a pretty successful B2B business already. We build sales environments (technology, people, etc) for organizations in the US, UK and Australia.

As a result of this I periodically have ideas for cool B2B applications / utilities that I think have the potential to be web applications.

For example, I believe there's a requirement for a drag-n-drop web app to help marketing (and even technical) people with data-mapping (i.e. configuring and de-duping conference leads for import into CRM/ERP).

Another example, we have a branch of Vtiger (an open-source CRM) that replicates Infusionsoft's functionality -- and kicks-arse where true CRM capabilities are concerned. There's an opportunity to convert it to a multi-tenant app (or similar) and promote it with a freemium approach.

I'm looking for a capable developer to partner with me (and/or my company) to spin-off a number of these and similar ideas and promote them to the open market. (We have quite a number of these.)

We have a development team already -- but they are focused on client work -- meaning that this would pull them in two directions and be in conflict with our purpose at Ballistix.

I'm more interested in building a small number of steady-earning mini-businesses (SAAS) than I am in going the traditional venture-funded route.

Open to any ideas.