Justen Britain

Seattle, Washington, US

Software Engineer: Using cutting edge technologies to change the way people interact with the web
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Business Development

About Justen

Since 2006 I have been focus nearly exclusively on writing Java based systems taking advantage of numerous open source technologies to develop large scalable applications. I spent 4 years at a small company where I had the rare opportunity to design and implement the project from the ground up. I was the only person on the project so I was able to learn an amazing amount about manual testing, unti testing, integration testing, system architecture, open source integration, Spring technologies and numerous other things.

In 2010 I spent some time working with high profile clients at a consulting agency in Seattle called Zaaz. This was where I really learned how to effectively communicate with non technical clients and develop solutions that fit their needs. While working at Zaaz I was able to help reestablish a good relationship with the client and get the project back on track.

I am currently working at Expedia as an engineer for the Expedia.* websites. Expedia has taught me more about the importance of building feedback loops in order to learn what the customers want from the product. Expedia has also taught me the importance of writing well designed modular code and designing libraries for people to use to prevent waste in the development of duplicate code.

Work Experience

Software Engineer

Expedia, Inc.

July 2010 - December 2016