John Naylor

Austin, Texas, US

Independent Media Consultant
John's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About John

* Designed world’s first, Academy Award winning, all-digital audio deck. 1992.
* Productized SFX tools used for The Matrix’s stand-out effects. 1999.
* Converted furiously unhappy customers into $3M repeat customers. 2002.
* Led cross-functional team to develop disruptively priced video server from zip in 12 months. 2004.
* Won and delivered presentations at prestigious conferences for my clients. 2009-11.
* Developed fast growing Legislative Solutions business worth $3M. 2014

The thing all these have in common is that, at the time, they were breaking technological barriers or breaking new markets.

I thrive on challenges and love innovating which, distinct from inventing, I define as actually delivering something of value to real customers.

Work Experience

Principal Consultant

Convergent Intelligence

December 2015 - December 2016