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To develop operational effectiveness (OE) within a customized organizational value chain, Dr. Inman syntheses diverse scholarship and practice in both human and organization systems to deliver unique value as follows:
• Organization Systems Expertise: Developing and improving operational work to deliver higher value
o An extensive background in business development, marketing, and communications.
o A strong systems background.
o Quality/process improvement, statistical process control, and proprietary drive to target model.
o Proprietary work assignment process.
o CSR approach to work and value chain analysis and development.
• Human Systems Expertise: Developing high performance individuals, teams and leaders
Dr. Inman has invested 30 years creating cultures where team members engage, thrive, and realize their potential. He has a deep understanding of how people learn, grow, and excel both individually and as part of teams. He has participated in the launch and development of well over 300 teams in the last 10 years and has observed firsthand the leadership attributes necessary to create high performance. He focuses on developing the leadership mindsets necessary to thrive in complexity.
o Communication and conflict resolution
 Helps leadership teams move away from transmission models of communication to more effective models based on conversational strategies.
 Performance coach joining into manager/subordinate and manager/manager conversations helping defuse negative patterns of communication and replace with those that build trust, performance, and engagement.
o Social, learning, and psychometric styles assessment and training
 Uses both MBTI and Team Management Systems for style assessment and Wilson for social style assessment with a focus on personal and professional growth and performance
o People analytics
 Focus on analytics to inform development, placement, and culture innovation using PI, LEDR and Culture-Matrix (implemented in partnership with developer Marc Chouinard).
o Facilitate processes and meetings
 Helps unlock the wisdom in groups through conversational frameworks. Certified in dialogue, deliberation and public engagement (DDPE) and brings this expertise to design containers for, convene, and host transformative conversations.
o Universal design for learning
 Personal history of and commitment to talent development for all team members. First master’s degree in adult education.
 Focuses on transforming learning through research and application of traditional Indigenous learning frameworks and designs learning cultures where each learner can discover their gifts and realize their potential.

Work Experience

Product and Technology Consultant | Startup Solutions Provider


February 2013 - December 2016