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About Jim

I am an engineer and MBA living and working in Toronto. I'm working on a badass startup and doing equity research "on the side" to pay the bills (I don't sleep much!). The team is just starting to come together, but I'm still looking for someone to really take the reins with me. That means you will need to have a passion for the idea and an appetite for risk. Right now it's only my cash on the table. I have some developers that find the idea super interesting and so are contributing on an equity basis, but none yet at the level of a true "co-founder". That may come to pass in time, but for now the door is open for someone to demonstrate true commitment, at a level similar to my own. There's enough pie to go around -- if we make this work we will be swimming in pie.

The product concept is way outside the box. It will appeal to lovers of both music and communications. We have two working prototypes, and are working out some kinks to get to a minimum viable product worthy of getting a user base that's ready to grow. There are some interesting audio and other programming challenges on the way there. Beyond the MVP, the market opportunity for this product is huge. When we jump some technical hurdles (already making progress here), I anticipate getting on the radar of some potential acquirers (this will appeal to both tech giants and mid-sized startups in the communications and music spaces).

Two patents pending. Reach out if you're interested in learning more, and have some time to dedicate to a very fun project. I'm looking for someone with strong communication skills -- we need to be honest with one another and to work together and/or speak frequently.