Jesse Tayler

New York, New York, US

App Store Inventor, Startup Entrepreneur
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Founded 2+ startups

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About Jesse

Jesse Tayler wrote assembly and wired computer chips as a grade-school hobby, in his 20's he invented the App Store and personally pitched electronic distribution to Steve Jobs. Other startup chops include history's first successful online food delivery, CyberSlice the origin of today's GrubHub and historically curated at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC. Jesse was CTO and founding software architect of the first private equities trading platform on the web, Round1 Private Capital Marketplace, an SEC-validated startup garnering venture funding in the tens of millions.

In the early 2000s, as an entrepreneurial software inventor, he cofounded NetModular a social networking platform predating both MySpace and Facebook.

Over this last decade, Jesse cofounded and served as CTO for a range of startups, coauthored a book on software process, composed music streamed on Spotify & iTunes and has risen to executive producer of a Documentary film project on the history of computing.


"I’ve always been attracted to the more revolutionary changes… you usually go through a period where everybody tells you that you’ve completely failed" - Steve Jobs


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