Jeremy Grodberg

Maywood, California, US

Web CTO & Software Architect - Available
Jeremy's Skills
Product Management

About Jeremy

Founder, co-founder, or first hire at 6 startups. First hire at ModernFeed/Clicker with successful exit in sale to CBS (now CBS Interactive/

Experienced in "lean startup" methodology. I built my first successful web site in 1995 and made it successful using techniques that would later be labeled "lean".

Passionate about customers and creating great products. Started off as a Mac programmer and love the Apple design philosophy. Excellent skills for understanding customers, their problems, and how to solve them.

Strong web development and technology management experience. Willing to do hands-on development of code and UI as needed.

Experienced in customer development, engineering project management, and prioritizing features (roadmap) which is critical to ensuring that there is a need for the product we are proposing to build before committing resources to actually building it.

Decade of experience implementing web-based solutions at scale.

Work Experience

Senior Consultant

Nuru LLC

April 2000 - December 2016