Jenda Michl

Maywood, California, US

Owner at Vertu Studio and Founder of UndergroundArchitecture
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Hello, I emphasize my architectural practice on LinkedIn, but I am here on FD for two reasons:

- Design Collective -
What co-working spaces have done for office space, this will do for design and software education; a co-teaching/co-learning community centered in the vastly underemployed architecture/design industry. It will offer low cost, high quality continuing education intended for professionals as well as the public through community knowledge sharing.
Basically, teach one class a week, attend unlimited classes that anyone else is teaching. Invite the public to attend these classes. For example you could take a photoshop class for half the cost of an equivalent class at the local community college. I would really like to find a business minded partner(s) to refine and launch this with.
I have found a willing partner to provide space in a large complex of 300+ startups in the Bay Area. To secure this the concept will grow to also be a coworking space and a maker/hacker fabrication space as well. Basically the ultimate crowdsource: eduation, office, and fabrication under one roof.

- Vertu Studio -
This is my architecture company. I would like to become involved in development, ideally starting as early as possible, specifically for the conceptual design of projects.

I can also of course help those looking to build out offices or retail space.

Work Experience


Underground Architecture

June 2010 - December 2016