Jeffrey Frese

New York, New York, US

Jeffrey's Skills
Product Management

About Jeffrey

I began my career as a hacker and can definitely help debug problems and discover new solutions to technical problems but prefer to focus on product, marketing and design rather than coding. I have started companies in the past and have raised capital from institutional investors. My current day job is running mobile product for a large media company. I'm interested in connecting digital to physical, e.g. Maker Faire and I'm interested in consumer mobile products and interest networks. I'm also interested in Sake and see an opportunity for a high end, craft American Sake to make a large market grab. I currently brew Sake at home. I'm searching for someone who is technical who gets excited by writing the most elegant and efficient code possible. I'm looking for someone who isn't afraid to put some skin in the game and who isn't afraid to fail, after all no risk/no reward.