Jeff Stephens

Portland, Oregon, US

Jeff's Skills
Product Management

About Jeff

I have been a branding and marketing consultant to banks and credit unions for 10 years. My experiences led me to develop idea centered on the long tail of banking. Our goal is to deliver financial services to tribes/communities that are tailored to their specific and unique interests and lifestyles. For instance, we believe dog lovers, cyclists and newlyweds deserve financial tools that are made just for their unique needs, and delivered to them in the context of this interest/lifestyle.

I have a group of 5-6 volunteers working with me weekly on this; currently none of them are in "founder" status. I am looking for a technical co-founder. While we don't yet know what technologies are really needed, I do know that we could benefit from additional technical perspective as we develop our minimum viable product, our plan and our business model.


University of Oregon


2012 - 2012