Jeff Hronchek

Fort Worth, Texas, US

Industry Expert (Transportation) & Strategist
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About Jeff

My name is Jeff, and I am a transportation entrepreneur. I was a driver back when Uber was "Black car only" and i watched as my industry went south. What was a small improvement to cabs was a huge step backwards for the luxury segment. Now I am seeking to create the "Facebook" to Uber's "MySpace." To prove that being first doesn't mean much if your product sucks and leaves a million pain points unsolved.

I am an industry insider in the world of private ground transportation. I know how drivers think, I know how passengers think. And together we can make an on-demand marketplace that is efficient, safe, and creates hundreds of thousands of well-paying careers. I'm not a tech guy but my research indicates the best people to partner with me would know Python, Java, Node.JS, Golang, and possibly Backbone.JS.


In times of change, LEARNERS will inherit the earth while the LEARNED will find themselves well equipped for a world that no longer exists. - Can't remember who said this

Work Experience


J&E Private Drivers

May 2012 - Today

Operations, scheduling, marketing, customer's a one man show (plus my partner) driving my clients to and from their destinations in the luxury transportaiton industry.