Jeannette Galvanek

Kings County, New York, US

The Future Will See You Now!

About Jeannette

Ms. Galvanek is recognized worldwide for her business innovation. She was a pivotal leader in the transitions of AT&T's entities from a regulated to deregulated technology business.

Based upon her broad career experiences, she is known for changing the conversation and therefore the outcomes.The founding CEO of the first Business to Business Talent Development Web business for members of the Business Roundtable, Washington, D.C. President and Founder of the non- profit Talent Alliance Foundation a 401 (C) 3 to address workplace and talent management challenges. The Talent Alliance has been recognized around the world as Best in Class.

She led multiple business units at AT&T as the VP of Talent Management and Organization Development including Bell Labs, Computers, Consumer Products/ Wireless and global factories.</p>As a wise and early adapter to market changes there were always applications for collaborative, technology models across major organization needs.

She accentuates business proposals and product designs that leaders can customize, preparing for the significant economic, legal, social policy, talent and workplace responses over the next decade.

As a workplace futurist, she has been particularly interested in corporations understanding of the impact of employed caregivers on their economic and wellness indicators. She offers a portfolio for businesses faced with expanding Dependent Care, the $36 Billion in wastes every year, effecting 45% of every employ's workplace.

As the WorkScapes 2021 CEO and Founder says, “Aspirations oblige links to the challenges presented by the statistics of the U.S. Bureau of Labor stating that companies around the world will face a labor shortage. Within a few years, U.S. companies will be down six million workers, and between 2015 and 2025 there will be between 10 million and 16 million fewer workers than there are jobs.”

Galvanek believes "our workplace future will be created by talent first." It will look like optimally flexible, dispersed workplaces with technology parity, just like non- workplace digital access. Talent Teams will consist of multi- generational and varied blends of multi work- life profiles of people. Some will desire full time work; some will choose their own composite of time, projects, partners, places and benefits. Regardless of talent’s source, people will have unique pacts with the businesses that they are affiliated with. “They will reach for work and life success” states Galvanek.

This business is positioned for the future. "The New Normal will happen; labor statistics, demographics and the values of the new generation of entrants demand it!”

There are very few competitors in this field. Her creativity, coupled with consulting, business operations proposals and practical software design s makes this an attractive offer for investors or a business with appropriate scope and scale.
WorkScapes 2021™ is a 1st Advantage Mover.

She was Educated at Quinnipiac, Harvard Business and Insead Universities.

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December 2011 - December 2016