Jason McClellan

Kings County, New York, US

Sr. Systems Engineer at Discovery Communications
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About Jason

I have been coding since I got my first computer at age 13. My professional experience has ranged from pure front end to pure backend development, primarily in PHP, Java, and JS. I am fairly language agnostic, however, and have also done projects in or am capable of working in projects written in Scala, Python, Ruby, C, and Go-lang.

I specialize in software architecture, specifically web-based software. I have an affinity for RESTful web service based backends, both distributed and monolithic. I have the experience to recognize that, despite being the hot new thing, microservices are, by way of their distributed nature, an architectural nightmare in most cases, and that one can evolve a monolithic API codebase into distributed services over time as needed. This experience and ability to recognize pit falls in the latest trends is one of the key factors in my continued success in the field.

Additionally, I am very interested in DevOps and systems automation. This is, in fact, what my current day job is comprised of. Over the past two years I have worked extensively to create a custom platform on top of AWS that automates every facet of one of the largest media companies in the US's development, QA, and production processes including automated environments, hands-off deployments, self-service tooling, and an autoscaling production infrastructure that both alerts robustly and self-heals.

Combined, my knowledge of software architecture and systems/infrastructure architecture are the biggest pieces I bring to the table, especially in year one. However, it should be obvious one person can't do both of those things to the fullest extent simultaneously.

Lastly, in my professional career, I have worked for companies as small as 4 people and as large as 15,000. I've navigated the corporate political landscape and have been in the startup trenches when the runway has run short. Through all of that, professionalism and ethics have emerged as my guiding principles in everything I do, and these principles have both served me well and have caused me to butt heads with those wishing to take short cuts that put end users at risk or take advantage of them in some way. It's something I outright refuse to do. In short, I'm more Woz and less Jobs. I would dislike working with a Jobs; I'd rather find a Brin or Page (their early years - anything after the first album is meh).

Work Experience

Sr. Systems Engineer

Discovery Communications

September 2013 - December 2016