Jason Diceman

Toronto, Canada

Inventor of Feedback Frames. Social entrepreneur.
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About Jason

I'm the inventor of Feedback Frames, a unique non-electronic hardware tool for prioritizing options and finding agreements in large groups. They are reliable, fun, and easy way to quickly gather honest opinions from many meeting participants, with instant visual results.

See photos of them in action at FeedbackFrames.com

I created Feedback Frames to scratch my own itch as a professional stakeholder engagement consultant for government, which I've bee doing for over a decade. Previously I was a web developer for not-for-profits.

With over 1,700 units sold in our first year of business, and an inspiring list of sector leading customers in government, education, NGOs, and professional facilitation, I am confident Feedback Frames could someday join the ranks of flip-charts and sticky notes as a universal participatory meeting tool.

Feedback Frames is field proven product, with an eager market, and working sales channels and fulfillment service. We already have a base of enthusiastic early adopters giving good word-of-mouth marketing, and now we need someone to turbocharge our sales volumes.

My mission is to make it easier for organizations to practice participatory democracy. Feedback Frames is a key tool, but only a tool. I also work to demonstrate and educate on other techniques and methodologies for organizational change.


The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do. - Steve Jobs


University of Westminster

Masters in Design for Interaction

2001 - 2003