Jason Chen

Newark, California, US

CEO @ FillTable
Jason's Skills
Business Development
User Experience
Product Management

About Jason

Senior Technical Leader, 14 years in the mobile industry: Strategist, Product Manager, Engineering Lead. Experienced in building products in heavily regulated environment. Superstar full-stack Software Engineer with unparalleled technical breadth and expertise. Bilingual: Mandarin.

Highlight: Architected, designed, implemented gpsOne, an E911 application / middleware that is used in more than 300 million smartphones.


• Business Strategy - Strategic Planning (M&A), Operation Management (Growth)
• Technical Competitive Analysis & Strategy - Landscape, Technology, Roadmap, Cost & Pricing
• Product Management - Product & Roadmap Planning, Technical Marketing
• Technical Project Management - Planning, Effective Communication, Conflict Resolution
• Engineering Management - Team Building, Technical Expertise & Coaching, Software Engineering
• Product Development - Application Development, DevOps, Mobile/Embedded System Integration

Smartphone/Embedded system Expertise
• System Architecture
• Kernel
• Device Drivers
• Power Management

Programming Expertise
• C/C++
• Java
• Swift
• C#

Cloud Expertise
• Microsoft Azure

Work Experience



December 2015 - Today

Technical Entrepreneur, built entire Startup from the ground up. Architected, designed, and implemented entire FillTable solutions, including cloud service, Web client, Android and iOS applications. Managed Projects. Practiced DevOps. Microsoft BizSpark Startup Program. • Architected FillTable Cloud Service, a multi-region, auto-scale up/out, Web App/App Service with Traffic Manager, Identity Provider, Application Insights, Notification Hub, Blob Storage/SQL database, proprietary API management, Azure Functions and Azure Backup. • Developed FillTable Mobile Applications for iOS and Android. • Implemented Continuous Integration and Deployment with git and Visual Studios Online as build/release agent. Built development/test/production sandbox environments.

Staff Eng (Strategy & Analysis)


November 2010 - November 2015

Strategy and Technical Advisor to Senior Executives, accountable for software strategy, competitive analysis, technology analysis, growth, and strategic initiatives. Senior Competitive Product Manager role for competitors’ Value-Add Software (VAS) and Advance Software Technologies for Snapdragon Chipsets. Collaborated with product managers, program managers, and engineering teams for strategies and roadmaps to highlight differentiations and close gaps. Additionally, worked with M&A and Legal for 3rd party partnerships. Led up to 7 engineering teams for competitive analysis. Managed multiple projects, ranging from competitive analysis, to building internal tools. • Led technical analysis projects for new technologies and new markets: resulting in over 10 new technology investments, 4 new business segments, and 2 acquisitions. • Developed use cases and functional specifications to support development of product definitions: resulting in 12 commercial chipset products. • Recommended marketing strategy and wrote selling guides used for technical marketing: leading to over 10 key design wins. • Established competitive analysis process: leading to 4 partnerships and 6 organizational strategic initiatives. • Formed competitive benchmarking process for modem and Windows computing devices. Led projects to develop benchmarking tools. Managed all modem and Windows performance analysis projects between 2010-2015: resulting in competitive data used by executives, finance, sales, marketing, engineering, and investor relationships. • Managed projects and worked with teams for our customers: resulting several internal services with over 3000 subscribers.

Sr Software Engineer (Engineering)


November 2007 - October 2010

Leading customer-facing technical staff, expert in system architecture, kernel, device drivers, and power management. Charged with design consultation and technical marketing. Drove requirements, change requests, and feature requests. Managed multiple complex projects that involves internal teams, external OS partners, and customers. As Technical Account Manager, managed up to 13 customer projects concurrently, including 9 onsite and 4 remote projects, and oversaw multiple supporting engineering teams across multiple time zones to provide 24-hours development updates. Directed up to 6 technology teams, resolving cross-functional technical issues. Published over 20 documentations. Taught over 18 customer training sessions, involving over 20 customers. Led in chipset commercialization, resulted in 6 commercial chipset launches. • Directed smartphone product development ranging from design review, gap analysis, software development, device bring-up, to passing carrier Technical Acceptance (TA): resulting in over 25 smartphone commercial launches. • Managed projects including resource planning, status reporting, cross-functional triage, cross-departmental collaboration, negotiating and managing deliverables: leading to recognition by customer senior executives as principle point of contact. • Led Windows Phone 7 bootcamp: leading a collaboration between Qualcomm, Microsoft and 9 customers.

Sr Software Engineer/ Sr Consultant


March 2005 - October 2007

Interdisciplinary consultant to Qualcomm as system architect, commercialized first smartphones using Qualcomm chipsets. System integration lead, accountable for product development, specializing in kernel and device drivers. Designed mobile applications on Windows Mobile/Windows CE. Practiced PMP principles. • Managed 3 projects across all phases, from statement of work (SOW) to completion phase: exceeding customer expectations, while yielding additional 15-20% margin for the projects. • Developed board-support-package (BSP) for industrial / military-grade mobile devices: completing 31 Windows Mobile / CE device drivers such as power management and Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA); winning awards from Microsoft. • Architected gpsOne application and middleware: resulting E911 Emergency Locator used in more than 300 million smartphones. • Designed Memory Leak Detector: resolving multi-million-dollar industrial application issue.

System BIOS Design Engineer

Compal Electronics

October 2003 - December 2004

Design engineer at world’s 2nd largest laptop ODM. Led risk reduction process with Six Sigma and Information Security Management System. Supervised factory operations in China. • Developed Phoenix BIOS for 8 notebook computer product lines, specializing in power management (ACPI) and security. • Designed source control process and automation tools. Implemented tools to optimize manufacturing process.


University of Toronto

BASC - Computer Engineering

1999 - 2003


Certified CSS Phoenix BIOS Engineer

University of Phoenix