Jane Gordon

New York, New York, US

Owner/ Designer at Jane A Gordon Jewelry
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About Jane

In my early 20’s a wealthy older man explained to me that “Money can’t buy happiness- but it can buy something so close that even the experts have trouble telling them apart.”

The idea of a ‘happiness expert’ captivated me. I didn't know that decades later I would meet one, and it would be me.

Becoming an accidental jewelry designer in 2001, I traveled the USA showing my work at Saks Fifth Avenue for 8 years, then worldwide on cruise ships for 5 years. Wanting to stay home for a while I created an online presence and am also doing custom and private label where I create for others to sell in their name.

NOW SEEKING ONLINE PARTNER: If you have the infrastructure and know how to sell online, let's talk. Twenty years have shown my timeless jewelry to sell well in person, but that was just me with a suitcase showing worldwide. Now let's sell everywhere. Everything is set, including inventory, intellectual property, online presence, manufacturing, fulfillment, PR, etc. Contact me today!

My jewelry is designed for beauty, and cherished for layers of discovery. The inspirations for each design are metaphors of joy, success, leadership and oneness.

These thoughts were originally only my private inspiration for the sculptural designs. Five years ago, asked to speak about my work, I started giving “happiness seminars’ using my jewelry designs as illustration. No one was more surprised than I that my talks made people laugh and cry, hug each other and write letters to my home, or to see the symbolism evolve as people brought themselves, their own experiences and perceptions to the ideas. I have now written my first book “Designs for Life. A Step by Step Guide to Happiness” Illustrated by my jewelry. This is for sale on Amazon.com (link below) and I just got a publisher to produce this book in an art version, and in ‘sterling” and “gold” editions where the books will contain 12 pieces of actual jewelry to match the concepts in each of the 12 chapters. The gold edition will be about $100K and it won’t matter if we sell even one, because we will get great press at Christmas!
Buy the book by following this link:

Many people ask about my background, so one time in my happiness seminar I told my life story in answer to the questions so often asked about how I ended up “here” (wherever here is). And since it’s so boring to talk about myself I did it this one time so I don't answer the same questions so often (I know my story- I want to know YOUR story). The seminar is an hour- the first 20 minutes is the story of how I got here. (Also- you have to know if I am willing to post this for the whole world to see, that you can tell I am being truthful.) You might want to watch the rest of the video to better understand my work,

“Cruising Towards Joy: Life With Less Baggage”
(Click the link below)


Box? What box? - Jane A. Gordon

Work Experience

Designer/ Owner

Jane A Gordon Co

December 2000 - December 2016

Jewelry Designer/ Artist/ Inspirational Speaker My life philosophy, shared through each work of art, is that we can make a quantum leap to a better world by igniting joy, success, leadership and oneness one person at a time. My passion is expressed through jewelry design, fine art, words, humor, irony, philosophy and photography, is often combined, to be used or worn for beauty, and cherished for layers of discovery. After traveling the world selling through trunk shows, I am working on converting to an online business. I am looking for a business partner and open to the form this will take as a company.


New York University

BA (Experimental Psych, Dramatic Lit, Comparative Religion)

1975 - 1982


Real Estate Broker

New York State