Jakub Kostecki

Boulder, Colorado, US

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Business Development

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Founded 2+ startups

About Jakub

Startups lie.

They exaggerate the numbers on their decks, they make up client testimonials, they fudge their founders' education and they use code that does not belong to them.

All of this makes it very difficult for early stage investors to make good investment decisions quickly. It slows down the market and provides a lot of unnecessary friction.

As more and more early stage investors flock to make early stage investments in this asset class, thanks in part to the JOBS Act and crowdfunding, but also to the whole unregulated world of unregistered investments, the fact that so many investors are flying blind is scary.

StartupFactCheck provides front-end screening for startup investors, angel associations and others to discern which startups are being honest (and therefore efficient) and others are not (and are breaking the fundraising process).

I'm looking to work with engineers, developers and designers to build a new user experience for the hundreds of thousands of early stage and angel investors who put more than $70 billion into startups last year.

The company already has revenue and works as a service provider right now. I'm looking to build out the team to design and build the right product for this space.

It's all about the team for me so I'm open to giving away a lot of equity to the right players.

Keywords: APIs, consumer UX for fintech, blockchain architecture.


University of Warsaw, Poland


2002 - 2002

Co-working Space

Spark Boulder

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