Jacob Baytelman

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

CTO, Founder, Full Stack Developer
Jacob's Skills
Product Management

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About Jacob

Hands on CTO, full stack developer, founder, tech problem solver
Full stack web and mobile development. Hands-on: Android, Objective-C, iOS, Java, PHP, SQL, HTML/ JavaScript, C,
C++, Social Network APIs. Technical project management. Productisation and product management.

Work Experience

Founder & CTO


February 2011 - Today

We at Krowdthink foster trust and advocate privacy through making it a commercial asset. We created the Krowd app (http://thekrowdapp.com) which connects people in places without tracking or knowing location We provide consultancy services, including business model and product audits and help developers meet GDPR requirements. http://krowdthink.com As a CTO I am responsible for the design of architecture, full development cycle, productisation, management of the dev team as well as hands-on server side development, front-end, mobile and back-end code reviews.



October 2013 - January 2016

GooodJob offers solutions for mobile employee referrals. In October 2013 I took the position of CTO, which included full stack hands-on server side and front-end development, as well as architecture design and recruiting and management of developers. I've been working closely with partner companies in order to integrate with their CRMs and ATS (application tracking systems, e.g. Taleo), including EMC, Fidelity, Sony, Viber. I was also responsible for - deep integration with social APIs: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin; - data usage optimisation; - productization. My major achievements at GooodJob: - redesign and modernisation of the core product; - creation of a new generation of the mobile applications (iOS and Android); - launch of a related product which has recently gone independent.

CTO, Founder


January 2006 - October 2013

Simultaneously managed up to 4 projects, each of which involves up to 20 in-house and freelance developers in Cyprus, Netherlands, Israel, Ukraine and Russia. Agile methods in practice. Successfully built new development teams, found and hired developers, provided training and knowledge transfer. Designed software architecture both for front-end (mobile and web) and backend. Performed integration with Facebook, Paypal, Microgaming, Qpay, CakePoker, Google maps, Twitter, LinkedIn, Avature CRM. Created coding rules and company requirements for code design and support. Hands-on: Android/Java, Objective C, iOS, PHP, My SQL, MS SQL, JavaScript, Flash / AS2, AS3, Javascript, WordPress, Joomla. Under my supervision, according to my architecture and with my hands and head "deeply in code" the following projects were created and deployed in time and budget: - backoffices for gaming systems; - multiplayer games (strategy, card games, logical games); - XML gateways for data import and export (high load, quick response, scalable).



May 2011 - December 2011

Development and support of the student events social network. Design and implementation of Event Board (a unique widget for event management) Management of the international development team, including programmers and designers in Netherlands, Romania, Ukraine.

iTV Project Manager / Lead Developer


June 2002 - September 2006

Responsible for the full development circle of game packages for interactive TV platforms (PowerTV, OpenTV, NDS CORE) and PocketPC. Development of algorithms for casino-style, arcade and logic game applications. Implementation of image processing and conversion routines. Architecture design of front-end and back-end software and data transfer protocols for them. Software integration with the world leading providers of interactive TV services, e.g. Cablevision (USA) and Avago, Channel Five, ITV (United Kingdom). Scheduling, planning, documentation.