Hugh Proctor

London, United Kingdom

Founder of LayrCake Low-Code Software Outsourcing
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About Hugh

I started the entrepreneurial journey early in life. I've always been a keen, quick learner and found that there are business startup opportunities everywhere you look.

My first startup was at the age of 15, selling homemade airplanes and tissue/bulsa kites on the beach near where I live, and business cards to parents of my school (where I used the schools printing press and peers to promote sales - making £1000-2000 a month at 16).

At university, I created a team of computer animators and designers and we designed a game later known as Bully by Rockstar Games (though sadly wasn't part of the sale).

I started a language school teaching English in Colombia with a partner, teaching execs at PwC among others, that's still running today known as Travelling Language School.

I've painted and sold oil paintings in Sydney Harbour, some for $3000, but the business wasn't scalable as I couldn't paint fast enough to become a millionaire :)

I was a Cofounder of MedicsAway, we send medical students overseas on electives. Sadly, since my older brother, the core founder of this project died tragically, my parents took ownership of the business and weren't looking to scale up. I subsequently left the business. The business makes a good profit and hopefully one day soon, with the success of LayrCake (or an investor), I'll buy them out and grow the business to where it should be.

I self taught myself software programming and rose quickly through the pay scaled ranks and then embarked upon my latest big scale project aimed at reducing the need for highly skilled software developers, LayrCake.

I'm currently fund raising for this project, I think it'll help thousands of companies big and small achieve their software dreams in fulfil their needs much faster than the current 'build from scratch' method.

I've always been a keen mentor, currently focused upon helping my girlfriends Interior Design company KCDecor stand out as she has an exceptional talent, gift, personality and customer focus to her work.

If you like advice or mentorship, or your able to fund a project, or just want to chat, I look forward to hearing from you, so contact me now.


Teeside University

BA Hons Creative Visualisation (Graphics, Maths, Programming)

1999 - 2002

Portsmouth University

HND Computer Animation

2002 - 2002

Bournemouth Univeristy

BA Hons International Business and Management

2005 - 2007


CELTA Teaching English to Adults

Cambridge University

PRINCE2 Practitioner

Cambridge University