Ghadeer Almazidi

California City, California, US

Entrepreneur Alumni (Bilingual)
Ghadeer's Skills
Execution of Business Plans
Start-up Creation
Lean Startup
Venture Creation
Great Listener
Analytic Thinking
Creative Concepts
Problem Solving

Startup Experience

First time founder

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About Ghadeer

I Graduated from CSUF with a bachelor degree in Business Administration and a concentration in Entrepreneurship. I would prefer to get involved in a small-medium size business to provide ideas, and most importantly kill the pain while gaining knowledge from experts like-minded Entrepreneurs. ​My interest and feel are geared toward Marketing especially the creative side of it.


Love what you hate, for perhaps what you hate now is your destiny for success - Ghadeer Almazidi ©

Work Experience

Project Consultant Intern

CSUF projects

August 2013 - May 2017

The courses I've taken at CSUF are consulting project internship. I was able to involve in resolving issues encountered by business owners of small to medium-size businesses. The nature of my work was in a group setting where we met CEOs, employees, and clients. Analyzed inside and outside conflicts, collected data, research, and surveys. We were able to get to the root problems, presenting the findings to Businesses owners giving reliable solutions to their existing problems. Another side of my experience as an Entrepreneur student is that I got to work on the creation and execution of startup ventures. Which allowed me to build a strong background in problem-solving, business analysis, and innovation. Now I know the keys to creating​ a distinguished product or service


Savour Ventures

February 2017 - Today

At Savour Ventures, I was able to make changes through marketing effort such as providing content, developing surveys, designing newsletter template. Besides that, I created a marketing research booklet for startups to use. I also assisted in the selection process of startups by analyzing startup application.


California State University Of Fullerton


2012 - 2017


Savour Ventures