Fred Davis

San Francisco, California, US

Helps startups start up. Mentor: UploadVR & Runway
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Fred Davis is an experienced entrepreneur, technology pioneer, media professional, and public speaker. He has played a part in the tech industry for over 30 years and has been hailed as a technology visionary for pioneering and predicting many innovations and industry trends.

Fred played an instrumental role as part of the startup team in two multi-billion dollar startups, CNET and Ask Jeeves (now where he acquired the initial funding for both companies. Fred was also one of the founding team members at Wired magazine, winner of numerous publishing awards. Recently Fred created an equity crowdfunding platform for Sanovas, a medical device company, that the company has used to raise over $40M so far.

He's written 14 books about computers and technology, including the first book on Desktop Publishing, and the award-winning Windows Bible series. One of the founders of the Ziff-Davis computer publishing division, Fred served as editor of several of the world’s leading computer publications, including PC Magazine, PC Week, A+, and MacUser, and ran all of the industry-leading product testing labs at those publications.

Today, Fred is working with a number of startups in a variety of industries and is a mentor at San Francisco’s UploadVR and Runway incubators. He is especially interested in virtual reality startups (VR/AV/AR/MR) and has been a VR advocate for 25 years.


"Just because something doesn't do what you planned it to do doesn't mean it's useless." - Thomas Edison

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Runway Incubator

June 2015 - December 2016



August 2016 - Today