Farhad Faqiri

Los Angeles, California, US

Farhad's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Farhad

In the past several years I have helped many startups with business development and raising angel/VC funding at an angel investment group that I managed in New York. I have also worked with startups on many other issues like building investor presentations, finding sponsorships and connecting them with unique business opportunities.

I moved from NY to LA in 2012 and am currently working on getting my own project of the ground.
I am working on a unique web application that provides entrepreneurs the ability to create educated presentations using professional designs and learning tools created by experts. The company is currently focused on investor decks but the goal is to become the core solution for building "smart presentations".

The application is 90% developed and it should be ready for a beta release soon. In the meantime you can visit www.easydeck.co to find out more.

For this project I am looking for a technical co-founder to help me put the last pieces together, and getting it of the ground (so far I have bootstrapped the entire project myself).

I look forward to meeting people on this platform.


University of Amsterdam

International Business, Finance

2011 - 2011