Faisal Memon

London, United Kingdom

iOS Department Technical Lead at Citrix ShareFile Quick Edit
Faisal's Skills

About Faisal

Expert fact witness in patent litigation (Apple iPhone / Nokia N8); 500 Euro damages settlement to Nokia.
Helped win the Mobile GSMA Award for the best smartphone (Nokia pure view camera phone). Kind of like the Oscars of the mobile industry.
Significant success with wearable and mobile and desktop apps: SlideStream, QuickEdit, Citrix Receiver, Worx Home. (e.g. 300 downloads/day, 5 star reviews on app store)
Open Source leader (Symbian Foundation Graphics Stack)
20 year Career spanning OS low level work, graphics, java virtual machines, and Apps, on Solaris, Linux, Symbian, iOS, watchOS, tvOS. Leadership roles and hands-on roles.

Work Experience

iOS Staff Software Engineer

Citrix ShareFile Quick Edit Team

March 2014 - December 2016