Eugene Osovetsky

Toronto, Canada

Software Engineer and Technology Entrepreneur
Eugene's Skills
Product Management

About Eugene

Started out at Microsoft, where I spent 5 years as a Program Manager - first on the Windows Communication Foundation team (part of the .NET Framework for creating Web Services / web APIs), and later on the Silverlight team (responsible for API / web service consumption from a Silverlight client). Then founded (along with 3 co-founders) WebServius, an API management and data monetization startup (wherein we provided billing, metering, reporting and other required infrastructure to create pay-per-use APIs and pay-per-row data sources in the cloud). Unfortunately, though we've had many successes and were on the leading edge of the industry, WebServius ultimately failed as a business. I've spent some time traveling the world, and am now getting back into the entrepreneurial game by working on a number of smaller projects (such as CodeOnWheels, my attempt to leverage the recently-announced in-vehicle app marketplace by General Motors).

Work Experience

Software Engineer

EDP Software

July 2013 - December 2016