Eric Rogness

Toronto, Canada

Technical Product Manager
Eric's Skills
Product Management

About Eric

I have over four years’ experience in technology marketing management and business development and five years as a director of public affairs for an ecclesiastical institution. I’m an expert marketer. I’ve introduced new products to market and opened up new markets and distribution channels. I can also get my hands dirty on the technical side of things. I’ve designed complex Internet apps, drafted technical requirements, headed up development teams and I understand businesses by their financials.

I’ve taken problems identified by customers and team members, tossed around creative solutions and then executed successful campaigns based on innovative product offerings and pricing models. In the last company I worked for, I improved existing customer sales by 36% overnight by simplifying the online purchasing process. On the expenses side of things, I cut variable costs for a company by 50% by globalizing their supply chain, simplifying logistics, and eliminating their inventory carrying costs.

Work Experience



November 2013 - December 2016