Emmanuel Charles

Sydney, Australia

Working on a game changing Web application platform
Emmanuel's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Emmanuel

I’m an Entrepreneur at heart and a passionate one at that . For a while now , I have been working on a idea for a startup platform, which will transform the way we connect our everyday life .It falls under the category of ‘Crucial Networking ‘ rather than ‘social networking’ .In other words given the opportunity, the platform will become an inherent lifestyle of every internet user . Its multiple modular services converging into a singular efficient platform.All of this without compromising your privacy in any manner at all.The users informations belongs to the user only .It is imperative to know that the whole platform is built around the protection of the user privacy to the core. The user data always belongs to the user .The platform will always honour that.Period!.

It is an intuitive amalgamation of essential services, which connects the dots between Social , Business, Writing , Messaging , Organising & Media services, derived into one meaningful, integrated and intuitive platform, all under the same roof.It is a platform which will play a vital positive role in every person’s life in one way or the other.

Since its strength is in its integration and unified services , the platform will have an incredible growth once the users have an unique experience and also realise what they have been missing with the other inherent services available these days. They get catered to all of their everyday needs under one single roof in a simple and intuitive way. Instead of the user juggling with different services ,All the services are intuitively converged into the user dashboard creating a simplified experience.

I have been working on it for a while now and it has culminated to a platform idea, which I believe will revolutionise the way people will connect , work , school , play , write and do business under the same roof.

I have the service mockup , business model , mind map & the pitch .At the moment I reside in Sydney ,Australia and I have tried to contact a few VC’s here , but they seemed to be more interested in a brick and mortar business investment plan or a business which is already established .

Now I want to pitch the idea , in the US , so I can get an investment to kickstart the endeavour in the US . I'm willing to relocate .I have joined this service to see if I could possibly stumble upon an Investor , cofounder, collaborator, Developer , Designer etc , resulting in a small but effective team to begin with.

I hope that I will stumble upon an apt participant in this game changing endeavour without compromising on the user privacy.


If you can dream it , you can weave it - Me