Dominic Coryell

San Francisco, California, US

Helping world's most promising startups grow faster... #500Distro
Dominic's Skills
Business Development

About Dominic

+ Launched, a web-based laundry and dry cleaning delivery service, in college

+ Won the 2008 Global Student Entrepreneur of the Year from Kauffman Foundation and

+ First Hustler and fourth Founder in

Currently: Fulltime and focused on Curebit, but always working in the background on a few other ideas late at night. Just truly want to stay connected with other like minded people where I could be a contributor on a team I believe in. I have a ton of ideas and wireframes that I can't implement technically and maybe some other teams would love to go at them and I could and help them grow them. I'm actively teaching myself to code, but probably won't accumulate the skills needed to build a world class product anytime soon.

Work Experience

Distribution Hacker-in-Residence

500 Startups

January 2015 - December 2016