David Rauschenbach

Phoenix, Arizona, US

David's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About David

I'm an e-mail and calendaring software engineer with 22 years of experience, and a few modest start-ups under my belt. My wife and I got frustrated with the 10-year old Cozi and Evite scheduling platforms for moms. In 2 years we produced an updated alternative, using realtime web technology. We are ready to go to market, and need a marketer on board for this consumer-oriented calendar for moms & families. We ultimately want to deliver introduction services for families, like what LinkedIn is for business, or what Match is for singles. Alongside the calendar, we provide a place for moms to keep profiles for their kids. And our social calendar knows about couples & households, and happens to work really well for situations like joint custody. We've invested mostly sweat equity to date, plus around $75k.