David Gold

Boston, Massachusetts, US

David's Skills
Product Management

About David

I'm currently working on a project, but am open to other plans/ideas/solutions. The project I'm currently working on is currently stealth while my prototype is under construction. I have received great feedback from a number of different target user types: Entrepreneurs, accredited investors, and a people are enjoy sharing various content online. I'm in the process of pitching this to 115,000 investors through a crowdfunding portal (the monetary upside is negligible, but feedback from 115,000 savvy tech engineers is invaluable). I'm looking for a capable, excited engineer who would like to start this side-project.

I graduated from Bentley University. My professional experience is in the technology space. Previous Enterprise Sales experience as an Oracle alumni. My current role is in product management, brand strategy, and web development for a nationally acclaimed fitness company in Boston. I have experience in online marketing, analytics, general management, and a novice programmer.