Danny Sung

Los Altos, California, US

Danny's Skills
Product Management
User Experience
Business Development

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Danny

I have a strong background in embedded/networked devices and mobile applications. I worked at a company about 5 years ago creating one of the first IoT services. The company didn't understand the market and ended up scrapping the project. I've since refined the concept and would like to build a team to make this a reality. I'd love to meet business development people who are good at working with companies and negotiating trials, deals, etc. I can get a lot of it going on the technical side, but I'd also like to add more software engineers to the team.

I've also got a passion in dance and have an app in the store right now that's aimed at dancers learning choreography. I'm open to profit sharing for anyone interested in partnering with me to make this app profitable. You can find more about the app here: http://stepintimeapp.com/

I grew up a software engineer and started & continued using Linux in 1993 before it became popular, so I'm quite comfortable in network and back-end technologies. I've been developing for iOS since 2008, so I'm quite familiar with mobile and UX design&development.

I'm what you might call a full-stack engineer or a generalist. What drives me is making technologies that's useful to people and society as a whole. I look at things from the customer's point of view to better understand the business and to drive the technology.

I'm interested in building an impactful, lasting business following Lean Principles.




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